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I do not cherry pick top students to help support a high pass rate.  I strongly believe that every child deserves a chance at the opportunity to gain a first class education.  I have accepted students who have been dismissed by others via some form of assessment who with hard work, go on to accomplish scholarships, bursaries and receive multiple offers from the most competitive schools.


If you have been told that your child is not at the appropriate ability, I urge you not be disheartened.  If you are prepared to put in the effort then there is no reason why you cannot achieve and even surpass your goal.  If I may quote one of my students, who realised that with hard work, “the school does not choose them, instead they choose the school.”  I do not provide false hopes, neither do I dress up any situation and always remain frank with parents on expectations and workloads.  It will take hard work and dedication from both student and parent.


Expectations and aspirations are discussed in detail at the initial assessment.  I aim to work with parents who both understand and acknowledge what is required for them to achieve their goal.  I have designed my programme intentionally to cover the core foundation areas in each subject, systematically building each layer by layer.  I will do my very best to ensure each child I take on is given a fair chance at this opportunity. I give no preference to siblings and deal on a first-come first-served basis, once a class is full I do not take on any more students.

Student Selection

Places are allocated strictly on a first-come first-served basis. Parents are requested to initially contact me via the Contact Form to register their interest for tuition. In the year your child will begin tuition, both parent and child are called in for a consultation.  Offers are made in order of the date of initial enquiry, once the class limit is reached, entry for that year is closed.  

The preparation class runs for 2 hours and takes place over each weekend.  Students enter the programme at the start of Y3 or Y4, there is no intake before Y3.  If you are too late in registering your child please make alternative arrangements, of course be wary whilst there may be many choices.  Trial and review before you commit and remember tuition is not free - you are paying for a service so ask all the questions to satisfy yourself before and during tuition.




Frequently asked questions


How do I find a good tutor?

Personal recommendation is by far the best way to select a good tutor, if you find a professional that is very good at what they do, you will notice that they are booked well in advance so make sure you start your search early.  


Do you have any other web address?



Do you work with or are you affiliated with any other tuition provider?



Do you cover the preparation for SATs?



Do you take children after Y5?

No - I only prepare for the 11+.


Who exactly will teach my child?

I alone teach the group at all times at every lesson.


Do children get homework?

Yes, homework is provided at every lesson, this is to be completed and returned at the next lesson.  This forms one part of the the learning programme.


Is the homework marked?

Yes, I personally mark the homework.


Do you provide all material?

Everything is provided.


How many tutors do you employ?

None, I work alone.


Do you use assistants?

No, I have never used assistants.  


Would you consider increasing the class size by taking on assistants?

No, that is against my policy, I only deliver quality tuition to a small fixed group.


Why are you booked so far in advance?

This is mainly due to existing parents pre-booking spaces well in advance.  


I am new to 11 plus, what should I do first?

I would firstly research the 11 plus thoroughly, look at online forums, websites and the exam provider.  Ask as many questions and once you have researched, shortlist a few tuition providers and trial them to review quality of teaching. You may receive a financial incentive to pre-pay in advance, only do so if you are happy with the service.  Read the terms and conditions very carefully and negotiate a break clause allowing you to leave without financial penalty if the situation changes..


I am not happy with my current provider, what should I do?

In the first instance, speak to them and raise your concerns.  Give them a chance to resolve your issue, if you are not happy then find an alternative provider.






I do not run a mass-group tuition centre and neither employ additional tutors or assistants, I am unable to accept all students due to my group restriction. I choose to select a small number of students each year.  To reiterate I do not cherry pick from a pool of students, spaces are allocated on a first-come first-served basis.  Every child deserves and is given an equal chance.

Unfortunately, requests always exceed places available.  A disadvantage to a small class size is that classes tend to become booked well in advance.  To avoid disappointment I would advise interested parents to contact me sooner rather than later.

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