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The 11plusgrammar Scholarship was founded in 2004.  The goal since the very start has always been to open up education for all regardless of restrictions. The common theme uniting most parents, despite financial circumstances, is the desire for the best for their children.  Education is a stepping stone and in an ideal world each child should be provided the same opportunity to take those first few steps.  If you have not considered tuition due to the weekly tuition cost then please note:  


I accept three Y4 children each year on a no-fee basis



There is no weekly tuition fee and any every associated cost with learning such as folders, books, paper, reading books and even pencils & erasers will be provided.  The multiple Mock Exam sessions during Y5 are also provided free of charge.  Once tuition begins the student will not contribute a single penny. All I require in return is the desire and determination to learn.

The 11PG First Step Scholarship is open to all students entering Y4 in September.  Your child will be assessed and the result of which along with a review of your financial circumstances will help decide the candidate.  Tuition will run for 2 years to begin at the start of Y4 until the end of Y5.  The preparation is relevant for the 11+ tests for entry to local (free) grammar schools.  

Assessments will be held in July with tuition to begin at the start of year 4 in September.  Evidence of income will be requested to support your application.  Whilst open to all it is suitable for those on low income.  If you are on low income, in receipt of benefits and have a child who has the desire to learn, please complete the contact form to register your interest.

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