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I help prepare children for a number of schools, some of which have been listed below.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, as the West Midlands and surrounding areas provide fantastic opportunities from both the state and private sector.  The table below, I hope will provide you with a starting point as you begin your eleven plus research, information can change and I advise that you check with the relevant institution to confirm..


Major changes were introduced affecting the Birmingham grammar school admissions.  Over the last few years, there has been an increase of further spaces reserved for Pupil Premium children, those eligible for free school meals (in receipt or who have received FSM in last 6 years), this pool is subject to a lower qualifying mark.  If you are eligible for PP please ensure you register with your respective school well in advance.  The changes in the allocation policy will give higher priority to those living close to the school.  To view the changes, visit the specific school website or www.schoolsofkingedwardvi.co.uk.


These changes will impact my students who live outside of the catchment area, those students currently living in Oxford, Manchester, Bradford and London etc. will need to rearrange their school options accordingly, to take into account these changes.  The address used on your LEA form will be used to determine any catchment boundary.


The latest offers and results can now be viewed online http://www.birminghamgrammarschools.org/content/results-and-offers


* To view the presentation with catchment areas and further details visit https://prezi.com/view/tA3jm0XY2HsiYIrYGK7g/


* Latest B’ham results can be found here: http://www.birminghamgrammarschools.org/content/results-and-offers


* PP Places: number of places for pupil premium children.  ( Introduced from 2015 entry )

* PP Qual Score: scores needed by PP children to qualify

  Note that the ‘pass mark’ will drop after offer day (1st March) as children accept offers outside the consortium, these arise from the private sector as well as schools outside of the area.      Each school can advise on their respective final entry score.



Useful links

Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED)  ofsted.gov.uk

Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) http://www.isi.net/home/


National Grammar Schools Association (NGSA) http://www.ngsa.org.uk/index.php


Transport links

The Green Bus Company serves provides a bus service serving many of the grammar schools in the table above.


Some of the independent school provide a dedicated bus service.

11 plus - Midlands

Grammar and independent schools in and around the West Midlands